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Business and Remote Staff

Many businesses today are moving towards hiring remote staff. Many large employers are offering work-from-home days as an incentive, and others are offering exclusively home-based positions.
Companies as diverse as American Airlines, TDS Telecom, 1-800-FLOWERS, Sprint and Xerox have programs that allow workers to telecommute or hire workers specifically to work from home.

What are benefits/pros for businesses?

Overhead- Companies that use work from home staff are not required to maintain buildings with daily expenditures for energy, equipment and other daily operational costs.
Salaries- Hiring home workers can change the contractual responsibility from employee to contractor. Companies are not required to offer large salaries or benefits allowing a huge reduction in costs.
Broad range of talent- When hiring staff members that work from a remote location, companies can reach out to a larger pool of qualified staff. They are not restrained by geographical boundaries.

Cons for businesses

Verification of working hours- It can be difficult to verify your workers are working as they claim. Keeping daily interaction with staff will help reduce the uncertainty of time worked.
Downtime- When staff is unable to perform due to equipment issues, weather problems such as electricity and other unforeseen complications, it can be tough on deadlines for the company
Security- Companies often find that remote staff can cause security issues with privileged information and company secrets. It can be more difficult to provide Internet security to remote locations.

What are benefits for home workers?

Flexibility- Working from home gives employees scheduling opportunities that they would not have access to with a brick and mortar job. Employees are able to take off for appointments, school functions or just mental health days without losing scheduled work time.
Costs- Home workers have major cost reductions with clothing, commute expenses as well as daycare costs and lunches.
Live anywhere- Remote staff can live in any geographical location. All that is needed is access to the necessities needed for work- telephone and an Internet connection.
Salary increase- Working as a contractor gives you the opportunity to work for more than one company therefore increasing your income.

Cons for the home worker

Time management- Not everyone is cut out to work from home. Home workers must possess strong time management skills and dedication to be successful. It sounds glorious to work from home in your pajamas but those that are successful in this field treat this position as if they were in an office setting.
Interpersonal- People that need the office drama and social interaction might feel lonely in a remote work position. They will have to work harder to keep in contact with other co-workers.
Equipment- Home workers are responsible for all aspects of their job. Home workers are required to provide equipment (computer, printer), telephone as well as Internet connection to keep connected with work. For virtual employees, some of these necessities might be provided by the company but the basic office set-up will be the responsibility of the remote worker to maintain.

There are many benefits to both the company and the home worker. Not all jobs can be done from home. The jobs that are successful can be anything from customer service to nursing to clerical to telemarketing to IT.

Remote staff can be the deciding factors for workers and for companies seeking new avenues to cut costs and retain top talent.

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