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Humor and Sales

All experienced sales people have certain styles and tactics they like to use for success. One powerful tool that is used quite often is the power of humor. Using humor in your sales pitch creates a positive attitude towards your offerings, giving your customer acceptance of a product or service that might not otherwise be considered without the lighter approach.

Not only are you in the market to sell your services, but you are in the market to sell your ideas of how this will benefit the customer. Funny slogans are ideal for setting the mood for sales: "Your wife is Hot!-you might need AC services" or "Don't sweat the heat this summer!"

Appropriate and Inappropriate. Carrying on a jovial conversation is much more
pleasurable than a stuffy sales call. Improve your humor skills to give yourself the
persuasive boost that a good laugh offers. Using humor can be a great tool when used
with limits. What is considered appropriate and what is truly inappropriate for sales?

Appropriate jokes:

1. Economy - everyone is affected by the economy whether it is personal or in business. Jokes about our economic situation builds rapport that says, "We are right there with you buddy!
2. Industry - making light humor about the industry can make the day better for all. Your
commercial customer may not think your joke is funny but will remember you and the impression you made by sharing.

Inappropriate jokes:

1. Politics - one never knows where clients stand on politics. Don't open this can of worms and avoid all political humor.
2. Sex - the workplace and making sales calls is never a place to use sexual humor.

Famous Quotes: Use humorous quotes from famous people to break the ice:
• Work for the fun of it, and the money will arrive someday-Ronnie Milsap
• It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job: it's a depression when you lose yours-Harry Truman
• The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made-Groucho Marx
Humor is a form of distraction. By using humor, you are focusing the customer's attention on the joke allowing them to just about forget why they have been contacted.

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